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Who we are


At ITTEHAD TRAVEL, it is our policy to provide a top class personalised service to all of our clients from the initial enquiry stages, to the completion of the tour. At ITTEHAD TRAVEL we pride ourselves on providing a service with a personal touch that tailors each and every  vacation to your own specific tastes, needs and budget.

Our Vision

  • A passion for Travel around the world, and an understanding of what travellers want. Specially HAJJ, UMRAH & ZIARAAT
  • Outstanding personalised service.
  • World-class accommodations, dining, private guides and private Transportation.
  • One-of-a-kind off the beaten track experiences.
  • A comfortable, safe, and special travel experience.


  • UNIQUE - We provide travellers with off the beaten track travel experiences that enable them to connect with the “real” Andes  and change their lives forever.
  • INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE - To provide authentic experiences , we  constantly seek different ways, routes and alternatives to meet our clients dreams and desires.  
  • UNFORGETTABLE – this is a once in a lifetime experience for every person – and we want them to realize this every step of the way with our personalized services


  • After we receive details from you as to what you require in your vacations, we will create a personalized itinerary incorporating all that you desire.
  • After we have completed your itinerary and come to an agreement on the route, we will provide you with accommodation, activity and transport options that fit your specifications.
  • Once we have finalised your tour, we will book the selected accommodation, transportation and activities. Once payment is made we email you your travel documents and vouchers.

Our partners